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Speedy Gas LondonOur Powerflushing Service

Our Powerflushing Service

At Speedy Gas we recommend and provide power flushing. By offering you an efficient power flushing service, our team of London plumbers will help you resolve heating circulation faults which can create a series of problems from grumbly, cranky boiler noises to radiator leakage. Our London power flushing services have been tried and tested and are used by the UK’s largest heating companies. So you can be certain that all actions have been taken to safe-guard your home and give you the comfortable, functioning heating system you need.

What does power flushing consists of?

Power flushing is the ideal cleaning procedure to keep your boiler free from unwanted materials and therefore maintain its efficiency. As the name suggests, it is a professional technique to “flush out” the sludge from the central heating system and prevent the major problems due to its presence. Power flushing service is carried out by the aid of cleaning machines that are attached either to the pump or the radiators. These devices are used to flush chemicals through the system in order to dissolve solid materials such as debris as well as limescale, which are driven out from the system and collected into the machine. For a power flush system London, our company can provide the service you need.

Benefits of power flushing

This powerful boiler cleaning method allows you to let the hot water you need correctly circulate in the system maintaining its temperature. Very often, as a consequence of the heating system ageing, the water circulation is restricted by debris accumulated in the system. Considerable advantages can be therefore taken from the removal of such obstructing materials. Another major problem that can be solved with power flushing is that of hot water. Limescale build-up within the circulating pipes creates an insulating effect and as a result water can’t be properly heated. By removing limescale it will be therefore possible to avoid heat waste and ensure a regular hot water supply according to your boiler heating capacity.

London Powerflushing Service

The process of powerflushing should only be carried out by qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineers, as one is dealing with the heating & gas lines of the house. We are fully qualified,  trained and experienced in this technique and have been providing power flushing in London for over 6 years. The service also includes a full system check to ensure your central heating is safe and operating as it should.

We use the latest power flushing technologies including digital water analysers, maganclean filtration and digital thermometers so we can do a complete and thorough job, leaving your home clean, tidy and warm.

Contact us now for a full London home power flush. Prices range from £280.00 and will vary depending on the quantity of radiators.

Request a quote

If you suspect your home may need a power flushing service, then give us a call. We will send around one of our heating engineers to inspect/test your heating system to determine if a power flush is needed. We provide this callout service at no cost.

Free callouts only apply to North London, East London and some parts of Central London. This can include power flushing quotes to Enfield, West Hampstead, Islington, Westminster, Stoke Newington and surrounding areas.


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