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Speedy Gas LondonLeak Detection and Repair

Leak Detection and Repair

Speedy Gas specializes in leak detection and repair. Finding the source of the leak is not always easy as it can come from many locations. The most common sources of leaks in homes is from these locations:

Symptom: Condensation building up in the walls, resulting in walls becoming slowly damp and appearing like there is a leak

Solution: Insulation of the walls or sealing external rendering so that condensation does not continue to occur.

Symptom: Heavy wet patches showing up near the ceiling and top edges of the walls

Solution: This is usually a crack or bad seam in the roof, or if it is showing on the first floor, then a slow leaking pipe.

Symptom: Heavy water dripping from any location.

Solution: This is a burst pipeline and you should shut off your water mains and call us immediately.

Symptom: Water seeping up from the floor lower corners into the walls.

Solution: This is generally caused by damp entering from your foundations or and underfloor pipe leak. Either of these can be repaired without much cost.

It does not cost much to repair a leak from a broken pipe or other source. The important thing to do is to call in a plumber as soon as you see some of the symptoms mentioned above.

Speedy Gas is on call for all emergency plumbing and leak detection and repair services.

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Speedy Gas covers all of North London, NW, East London & Central London and surrounding districts. We can provide references from clients across London who we have provided boiler installations and heating / plumbing services to in the last year.

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