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A look at Boiler Installation Prices

Boiler Installation London prices seem so varied that it can be confusing to determine where one is getting a great deal. Of course when one is looking for boiler prices one also needs to determine if the boiler installation London service quality will be maintained.

Boiler Installation London, Qualified Gas Engineers only

Boiler Installation London

The first thing you need to look for when surfing for boiler installation prices is the Gas Safe Logo. See our article here on Gas Safe Engineers for more information on trading standards agency.

Once you have verified that the gas engineers are in fact Gas Safe registered then you should proceed to verify the boiler installation prices.

“Boiler Installation companies” which are not Gas Safe Registered usually try excite you with extortionately low boiler installation prices. This is because they cannot guarantee the installation or give you a valid certificate for the installation. Should ANYTHING go wrong; fire, breakdown etc, you will have no recourse with insurance companies. So your best bet is to go the true path and insist all boiler installation London services are done by a qualified gas engineer.

Boiler Installation PricesBoiler Installation London Prices

As each company can vary in boiler installation prices, the cost of a boiler installation London is not something which should have a huge gap between companies. When you look at the boiler prices of a company like British Gas, these prices are only like this because of their large overheads. However, British Gas does try to fill the boiler installation packages with other goodies such as personal insurance and long guarantees, but it does not account for the excessive  pricing of new boiler installations.

Boiler installation with smaller firms

Like Speedy Gas, there are many fully qualified gas engineer companies out there with 3-10 staff who can give you a much better and personal boiler installation London service. For example, like us, City Gas in London provides boiler installation London services with the Worcester Bosch boilers and these boilers come with a 5 or 7 years parts and labour guarantee.

To clarify the following prices it is recommended that you read the article in the BLUE BOX below

Cost to fit a new boiler

These boiler installation prices are based on a tradesman’s rate of £200 per day and a labourer if required at £100 per day. They include the cost of buying and collecting any materials, dumping any waste if necessary and any incidental materials they will need.

If you look at the diagram below you will see the average cost for the parts for your new boiler installation London service. Boiler installation London is on average more expensive than other towns or cities in the UK. But that is London’s economy for you. By law, all new boilers need to be condensing boilers like the one you see below.

boiler change cost price


Boiler Installation London, Example #1

New wall hung, Standard (connected to your hot water cylinder) Gas Boiler in the same location as the previous boiler.

This is one to two days work for 2 men, plus all materials. Approximate Cost: £1200.00

Boiler Installation London, Example #2

If you are looking at installing an oil boiler the price can vary on wall-mounted or floor based boilers. But you can expect an additional £400.00

Boiler Installation London, Example #3

If you want to change to a gas combination boiler in the same place as the old standard boiler, empty all the loft tanks and pipes and remove the hot water cylinder.

Approx Cost: £1550.00 (depending on boiler price)

Add-ons, Example #4

To fit a new wired in programmer, roomstat and hot water cylinder stat, you will need an electrician (which we can bring in from recommendation). They will charge one days labour plus the 3 new units and cable cost.

Approx Cost: £235.00

No one will be able to give you an accurate price on a London boiler installation without seeing the home or property first. The above prices are just rough guidelines from experience but should give you the average cost you will need to set-aside for to get a new boiler installation London service.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Installation North London: Case Study

In North London, Speedy Gas owner (nicknamed “Zibi” for his speed) was recently contracted to install a complete Worcester Bosch boiler and central heating system in a 1920s detached home.

A recent interview from Sterling Marketing covered the project sequence of the boiler installation and the scope and results of home’s central heating system. Sterling’s representative was interested in the quality and materials used in the  project.

The Worcester Bosch Boiler Installation

Worcester bosch boiler installation north london“We were contracted to replace an old oil boiler system which was in very poor condition. With the increase in costs of the heating & utility bills our client was eager to get the entire heating system revamped.”

“After the initial visit and inspection of the large home, it was determined that the boiler of choice was 2 Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i systems to provide the heating and hot water for the main property and the visitors lodge which was adjacent to the house.”

“The whole project was pulled off smoothly and the new Worcester Bosch boilers were so efficient that the client was not used to water or central heating warming up so fast.”

“New Worcester thermostats were installed for complete control of the heating system as well as underfloor heating in select parts of the North London home.

“I will always recommend Worcester Bosch boilers because this range have been the only sturdy and consistently effective boilers from my experience. In fact, I was recently so impressed with the Greenstar range that I recently installed one in my own home.”

As it is our job as heating engineers to ensure every boiler installation is done correctly and up to standards – I recommend Worcester Bosch boilers above all other brands.

“Zibi” – Owner of Speedy Gas London

Finding a Good Plumber in London

Finding a good Plumber in London

Finding a good plumber in London, or a heating engineer to install your central heating system can be a tiresome task. In addition to this, the scenarios which require one to look for a plumber can be when one is under stress with a water leak, facilities not working, heating system or boiler not working.

Here are some simple criteria to help you find a good plumber or heating engineer in London.

Gas Safe Register Certificate

Any plumber in London or heating engineer who is going to provide services to you, whether a boiler installation, plumbing services or central heating, should have registered with the Gas Safe Register.

A card is issued to each member of the Gas Safe Register to identify qualified plumbers and heating engineers from those claiming to have passed the qualifications.

You will see on the Gas Safe Register card the logo which will be in yellow (see image). In addition to this, each Gas Safe Registered plumber in London and heating engineer has a unique identifying registration number which can be check for on the Gas Safe website.

So when looking for a good plumber in London, be sure to ask them for their credentials as mentioned above. We cannot stress the importance of this step enough as per reports of 2011/12 there are over 20,000 unregistered cowboy plumbers operation throughout London alone. “cowboy plumbers” can cause unimaginable damage to your home, let alone put you or your family at risk. So when looking for a plumber in London please be sure to check credentials.

Boiler Installation Credentialsplumber in london

Heating technology is at an all time high. Truly serious heating engineers and plumbers will keep themselves informed, trained and up-to-date with the boiler installation techniques and the new systems.

For example, Worcester Bosch boilers have their own database of registered installers. These boiler fitters have trained and have been certified in Worcester Bosch boiler systems and ONLY they can provide the 5-7 year guarantees available for those boilers. Such credentials are extremely valuable and can save you thousands of pounds over the years.

So ask for credentials in the specific boiler installation methods. A good plumber / boiler fitter will be able to provide them.


This is an obvious step in finding a good plumber in London. There are many excellent plumbers out there, who care for every step they take in dealing with your home heating installation or plumbing repair. Such plumbers can be asked for and will provide as many references as you require without hesitation. Speak to their past clients and ask about their work quality etc. You will get a great idea about the plumbing company just by doing this.

Plumber in London, Service Quality


Customer service, etiquette and standards is important. You can usually tell a lot about a plumber when you meet them on the first home visit. If you are not dealing with an emergency (requiring immediate assistance) then it is a good idea to see how fast they respond to you, if they value your conversation and let you speak, listen to their ideas and determine the character.

Another good assessment in finding a good plumber is how they answer the phone, if they are willing to listen to you and discuss the matter etc.

How we fit into this

Speedy Gas provides boiler installation in North London, East London & West London. Our staff are qualified heating engineers and plumbers. We have all of the Gas Safe Register certificates and can provide many special guarantees for Worcester Bosch and Vaillant boiler installation.

Customer service and work ethics is our primary importance. After all, what is business and customer relations without good manners and high standards. Without it there would be no Speedy Gas.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our services and to book a plumber in London. We look forward to working with you.

Boiler Installation Costs | Uk Boiler Installation Quotes & Prices

When working out the cost of a boiler installation in the UK, at Speedy Gas we consider every home or property different. From our experience and how we break down our quotes we have found that the following guidelines for a new boiler price (supply and fit) could be easily summed up with the following criteria:

How big is the property?

The new boiler installation cost will have included the size of your property. The more rooms and space you have to heat, the more power is needed from a boiler. So the cost of a higher output boiler will be more (in most cases) depending on your property size.

You would not want to “get the best price” for a boiler which you should be paying for what you need in boiler output. You will lose 4-5X in boiler repairs and boiler replacements etc over the years if you put too much strain on the boiler.

Existing Heating Infrastructure

Some customers who come to us are just looking for a new boiler. So the price of a boiler installation is easily calculated based on the above. However, another factor we consider in all of our boiler quotes, is what kind of heating infrastructure you have in the property. Are your pipes old? Will they allow sufficient boiler pressure? Do you have enough radiators in your home to actually release the heat sufficiently? These things all make a difference on boiler prices and quotes.

Bells & Whistles

One thing that many clients forget are the bells and whistles which come with almost all new boiler installations. However, for easier control over your heating system and central heating you may add to your boiler installation quote when asking for high-spec digital thermostats, new radiator valves, possible a water tank if you are using a system boiler etc.

When we do our initial consultation, you can discuss your needs and we will inspect your current central heating system and determine what can be covered in your budget. For example, a Vaillant boiler installation may cost less than a Worcester Bosch boiler installation depending on the specifications. We will help you with this.

Boiler Installation Costs

With all the above said, Speedy Gas can offer a competitive quotes on all of our boiler installations. Our boiler installation prices and central heating prices are considered by our past clients, the finest they have seen for the quality of service offered.

But if you are eager for an answer on boiler prices, then let us say that our boiler installation costs can range from £1,500 up (supply & fit), depending on many of the points listed above.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation if you have any other questions.

Boiler Installation Guide, Buying a New Boiler

If it is time to throw out the old and bring in the new, the investment of a new boiler has many more benefits than one would immediately assume. The efficiency of new boilers as compared to old boilers (even just 5 years back) is increasing constantly. Almost any new condensing boiler can run at 90% efficiency where old boiler may, if you are lucky run at about 70%. New boilers also have a low carbon footprint and have little environmental impact.

So in getting a new boiler installed you have many benefits including,

  • Replacing an old inefficient boiler with a modern high efficiency boiler will cut your fuel bills
  • On demand hot water (Combination boilers)
  • Possible space saving benefits within the home
  • A warmer more comfortable home
  • With new systems there is a larger choice of radiators styles available to suite all types of property
  • Due to the design of many modern radiators you can install a smaller radiator in an existing position and get the same or sometimes more heat output from the new radiator
  • New boilers are quieter in their operation due to the design and modern materials used
  • More options of where in your property a new boiler can be installed


Obtaining your boiler

There are three main routes to consider to obtain your new boiler, these are:
Directly from the boiler manufacturer – With Speedy Gas this is no cheaper as we only charge for the boiler installation. Additionally, if you are unsure of what you need in a new boiler it may not be the wisest choice as you should consult with a boiler fitter / heating engineer on the matter.

From a business specialising in central heating boilers – Also a cheaper choice, and, depending on the company, they may be able to offer you more advice on the boiler you need.

Through a company specialising in the installation of boilers – The is the recommended choice, as you will have trained professionals that can help you choose exactly which boiler you need and guide you through all the options. It is recommended as you can ensure you get exactly what you need.

Methods of Installation

Depending on where you purchased your boiler, you will need to hire a trained professional to install your boiler correctly. If you bought your boiler directly from the manufacturer or from a business, you will most likely have to track down an engineer yourself, but if you have chosen to buy through a company that also installs, they may cover installation in the price of the boiler, or provide you with a trusted engineer that has installed the type of boiler you have purchased for an extra fee.

When choosing your engineer to install your boiler in your home, it is very important that you make sure he is completely qualified as well as experienced in the boiler that you have purchased. All engineers must be Gas Safe registered, and having your boiler name, brand or number on hand to enquire the engineers experience in installing it is a good idea.

Some companies like Speedy Gas London, will also provide ongoing boiler service, whilst many don’t, so it is a good idea to check beforehand whether the company you choose can offer this boiler maintenance service.

Choosing your installer

If you are going through the phone book, Yellow pages, or other advertising, check the name of the heating engineer on-line for any negative reviews. Always ring around to get the best quote you can, and don’t be afraid to say no to a determined salesman on the phone – although usually most engineers will install at the same or similar prices, there are some that may be a little higher, so it’s definitely worth shopping around for the best deal.

Our Boiler Prices

Speedy Gas London is small company with several highly experience heating engineers. We are not bound by our prices and are more than happy to hear from you if you want a competitive quote on a new boiler and installation. We want it to work for you, and for you to be satisfied with what you have.

Choosing a new boiler, Boiler Buying Guide

1. Combination boilers

Combination (Combi) boilers are now the most popular boiler types in the UK. They are small and convenient, fit into cupboards, under kitchen counters or other alcoves. The combi boiler is a “smart boiler”; it warms up watter directly from the mains and there is no waiting time. Your hot water will be endless.

In terms of usage, they are more economical than other boilers as combi boilers do not use a hot water tank or cylander to heat up first. Additionally, combination boilers don’t let the same water go cold, so you don’t have to re-heat the water when you have not used it.

However, the reason some may choose another boiler with a tank and cylinder, is because if your home has multiple hot water outputs at the same time, a combination boiler may not be able to keep up with the demand so your hot shower may suddenly turn cold if hot water is being used at multiple location in the house.

Saying that, Speedy Gas recommends combination boilers above all. Vaillant boilers and Worcester Bosch boilers are probably the highest specification boilers at very convenient costs. We will help you choose the right boiler for your home to avoid hot water issues like this.

If you live in a 1-3 bed house or flat, without several bathrooms, or are short for space to fit a tank, then a combination boiler will be the right choice for you.

2. Sealed system boilers (unvented)

A system boiler aka,”closed or sealed system boilers” work solely on the basis of stored hot water, ready to feed. You will need to have some more space for an system boiler installation to fit the hot water storage tank and airing cupboard.

Despite this added space, a system boiler does not need as much space as an open vent or heating only boiler, which also needs a second boiler in the loft.

The benefit of a system boiler installation is you can run hot water from many points at one time, without any effect on your hot water. You will also get good hot water pressure.

Is this boiler for me?

A system boiler is a good selection for a large home or family with a lot of hot water needs, which would not be suitable with only a combination boiler. You will, of course, have to have the space to build in an airing cupboard and fit the tank.

An additional downside is the initial waiting time for the tank to warm up. But saying that, there are many solutions for this such as timed thermostats and automated systems.

3. Open vent and open vent sealed system boilers

The open vent boiler is what many homes currently have (if you have not replaced it with a Sealed System or Combi Boiler in the last few years).

This is simply a heating system which requires 2 tanks, one in the loft of the house and another in the airing cupboard. So we are talking about a space guzzler.

The way it works is one tank pulls water from the mains and then supplies and feeds the storage cylinder which is heated by the boiler.

Multiple showers, taps and other hot water outputs can be run at the same time. But beware as this open vent boiler system will require time to heat up.

Many people switch from an open vent boiler system to a sealed system oiler (above). This is a relatively cheap transition and will also remove the tank from your loft.

Is this boiler for me?

If your budget and home size allows it, we recommend switching to a combination boiler. But if a combi boiler does not meet your homes’ requirements, then the most cost-effective method is to simple swap over to a Sealed System Boiler (Number 2 above). You will save space and have plenty of hot water.

4. How much will a new boiler cost?

Boiler installation costs can vary depending on the type of boiler you have installed and what replacement boiler you choose. A good gas boiler will cost about £1000, or even cheaper if you buy from companies like Speedy Gas, who get the sale direct from the manufacturer. You can check out our page on boiler installation prices or call us directly.

The one major unknown is really the installation costs. The actual labour on a good plumber in London will determine the price. Every home is different, every client has new specifications and new gas or water lines may need to be run, removal of old tanks etc.

Boiler costs in London have gone up over the last 20 years, but in the last 5 years we have seen a marked drop as the top companies such as Vaillant, Worcester Bosch and others get more competitive.

All in our benefit!

For precise costs and prices on a boiler installation, give us a call on 020 8123 9211 and we will give you the figures.

Good heating!

You may also be interested in our page: Vaillant boiler installation

Home Heating, Plumbing & Electrical Tips

It doesn’t get much worse than coming to the end of the day during a cold season and finding your plumbing or heating gone wrong. We all dread those sleepless cold night and even wonder how they managed 150 years ago without central heating. Our job at Speedy Gas London is to ensure you don’t run into this scenario, or if you do, to provide an immediate-response plumbing or heating service.

Water wastage and leaks

  • Alway keep a look out for water where it shouldn’t be – Any slow drips or puddle areas, even if it is making an exit outside will increase your water bill and can create mould, which is dangerous for your health and can cause deterioration to your home. A sudden spike in a water bills can indicate a broken pipe or something similar causing a loss of water.

Did you know… gas and electricity bills have risen over the past five years  by 51% (Ofgem)

  • Prevent grease building up to stop drains blocking. There are so many products on the market that are easy to use for this purpose. Periodically pouring boiling water down the drain will also help. Keep an eye out for accumulation of hair in the drain. Having a good screen over the opening and keeping it cleaned off will prevent this from happening.

Did you know… 47% of households have never switched their energy supplier (University of East Anglia).

  • Frozen water will interfere with both heating and plumbing is frozen water pipes. Insulated all you pipes well and in the winter disconnect and drain your garden hose. The indoor cut-off valve should be turned off and the faucet left open to prevent freezing in the waterlines.

Did you know.. if your boiler is over fifteen years old, you could save around 35p per £1 by investing in a high efficiency model. This could save the average household up to £240 every year, according to Vaillant.

  • Keeping your smoke alarms in good condition will prevent fires which puts your life in danger and be very expensive. Alarm batteries should be changed at least once a year. Using the proper light bulbs for wattage will also save you money in the long run.

Did you know… £1,044  is the average annual gas and electricity bill for a family living in a three-bedroom house, according to Ofgem.

  • If you’re not filling up your washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher, use the half-load or economy program and the washing machine’s 30°C wash if possible. This saves you up to three-quarters the cost of the hottest cycle. In the kitchen, only boil as much water as you will use.

Did you know… building regulations recommend at least 270mm (10½ inches) of loft insulation. Anything less than 8-10inches could be costing up to 25% on your bill, according to British Gas.

  • When it’s cold close vents and shut doors in unused rooms. This can save you a huge amount of money especially if you have a lot of unused rooms. When you’re using the oven leave the door ajar when finished and let the heat come into the room, and open doors of sunny rooms. you don’t need a high temperature at night, when sleeping, or when on holiday. The thermostat should be less than 70 degrees during these times. Wear warm clothing around the house in cold weather and less heating will be needed. Weather stripping around doors and windows in older homes will reduce the incoming cold considerably. If you turned your room heating thermostat down by 1°C you would cut your heating bills by up to 10%; this could save you around £40 per year.

Did you know… Your body is actually naturally inclined to go to sleep at lower temperatures, so turning the temperature down keeping the bedroom cooler than the rest of the house will save you money and could even help any who struggle with sleeping patterns.

Talk to a member of Speedy Gas today to discuss your home central heating system or plumbing.

Always use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

Find a Gas Safe registered engineer

You should use a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out gas work safely and legally in your home. Find a Gas Safe registered business in your area using the panel on the right of this page.

You can find a Gas Safe registered business on our database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check that your engineer is Gas Safe registered

All gas engineers should be registered with Gas Safe Register by law to work with gas. Always check a gas engineer is on the register before employing them to carry out work for you. And when your engineer arrives on your doorstep, always ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID card before letting them in.

You can check a Gas Safe registered engineer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What gas work needs to be done by a registered engineer?

All gas work carried out in your home and in certain commercial premises should be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Gas work includes:

  • installing, repairing or servicing a gas boiler
  • installing or repairing a gas fire, gas cooker or hob
  • Not all gas engineers are qualified to do all types of gas work. Check what type of work your gas engineer is qualified to do.

What about DIY?

Never DIY with gas. You will be putting yourself and your family in serious danger from carbon monoxide poisoning and gas explosions.

Are you a Landlord?

If you are a landlord you have legal obligations when it comes to gas safety. Landlords’ legal duties apply to a wide range of accommodation including:

  • residential premises provided for rent by local authorities, housing associations, private sector landlords, housing co-operatives, hostels
  • rooms let in bed-sit accommodation, private households, bed and breakfast accommodation and hotels
  • rented holiday accommodation such as chalets, cottages, flats, caravans and narrow boats on inland waterways
  • Make sure you read our gas safety advice for landlords.

Are you a tenant?

If you are renting a property it is important that you understand your Landlord’s gas safety responsibilities.

These apply whether you are in public or private rented accommodation, or if you rent a holiday property.

Make sure you know all you should with our gas safety advice for tenants.

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