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Boiler FAQ

In this page we collected the most frequent questions we came across and gave a quick answer. If you have any other question we are here to help you: call us at 020 8123 9211 or drop us a line.


  • How much does a new boiler costs?

More than 120,000 boiler installations are carried out every year in England. If you want to know the price for a new boiler, keep in mind that prices range from £500 to £2,000 approximately (from a basic model to a large external boiler). The price of the installation is not included: the average cost of getting a new boiler installed should now be around £2,400. The highest costs are for boilers installed directly by energy suppliers, whereas small local companies offer the most cost-effective solutions.

  • What is Sedbuk?

What does Sedbuk mean? The name stands for “seasonal efficiency of a domestic boiler in the UK” and it is represented by a percentage score. This score helps extimate the boiler efficiency (and thus compare boilers) under typical UK conditions (occupancy patterns, climate, housing conditions etc.) and it was developed under the UK Energy Efficiency Best Practices Programme. Boilers efficiency ranges from 66% – 81% (traditional models) to 85% – 91% (condensing boilers). Newly installed boilers must be at least 88% efficient according to modern building regulations. Sedbuk has replaced the A-D labels, withdrawn to avoid confusion with European energy labels, based on different principles.

  • Which boiler is more reliable?

According to the general opinion, all condensing boilers are reckoned very reliable, matching high quality standards. Moreover, statistics and experts have suggested a range of reliable boiler brands. By the way, reliability is largely a matter of good boiler maintenance and installation. A boiler is reliable only if you make sure it works well. First of all, an efficiently working boiler depends much on the installation process. Choosing an high-quality boiler installation service, in fact, is fundamental to ensure the boiler’s reliability. Most common problems, first of all a frozen condensing pipe, will be avoided by an effective, proper installation. Another way to ensure the boiler reliability is to opt for a proper maintenance. Having your boiler thoroughly inspected once a year is necessary to check the conditions of the different parts of the boiler both internal or peripherical including the circulator pumps and the expansion cisterns. Finally, a reliable boiler is a definetly a properly installed and maintained one.


  • How can I get an oil-fired Worcester boiler installed?

Worcerster oil-fired boilers can be installed in all heating systems, but require an external tank, which should be placed outside the house. As for the flue system, there is a range of conventional flues which are designed to be used with combustion products as the oil-fired boilers. Once you have ensured the flue is compatible with this kind of boiler, you just need to make sure that the external flue system is insulated and that the joints are properly sealed. Every part of the system has to be in the condition to avoid any oil leakage. If you use chimneys for your household heating, in this case too is important to make sure the appliance is protected with non-combustible materials.

  • Which Worcester products can I use for underfloor heating?

Worecester Boch provides a range of products to achieve an efficient underfloor heating system. This system is highly compatible with heat pumps. Ground heat pumps as well are perfect to provide an efficient underfloor heating while using non-pollutant energy. Condensing boilers too are a perfect match for this kind of system as they can provide the quantity of heat needed while reducing running costs. Moreover, Worcest Boch offers a range of  compatible boilers, using either gas or oil including combi-boilers.

  • Is a heat pump a convenient choice?

There are several advantages you can take from using a heat pump. As for the installation, you can be sure that heat pumps, despite boilers, can be used to heat almost every size of property. As each kind of boiler is designed to satisfy specific heating exigencies depending on the heating system to which they are applied, heat pumps can all be adapted to every household environments without requiring extra supplies. Another important strong point of heat pumps is their capability to produce cheap heat through the use of renewable energy sources as air and the latent energy in the ground. The so-called “air to air” heat pumps, moreover, can be also used to produce cool or hot air for household air conditioning.


  • Can I keep the heating activity of a Vaillant Boiler under control?

Vaillant offers a range of heating controls. These are multi-function control devices that allow you to regulate boiler output according to your heating exigencies. Vaillant heating controls are designed to help you create a balanced heating in your house and are also aimed to automatically adapt the heat supply to your exigencies. Thanks to this technology, in fact, it is possible to both regulate the heat supply on the outside or on the room temperature. These devices can also be programmed in order to regulate the boiler supply on the time schedules you prefer.

  • What kind of boilers does Vaillant offer?

Whatever is the type of your household heating system, Vaillant can provide you with the most efficient heating and hot water supplies. Depending on the size of the environment to be heated and on the entity of the output needed, you can choose between a wide range of commercial and domestic boilers. Domestic combi boilers are designed to provide a high-quality performance while offering the advantages of these space-saving boilers. Vaillant combi boilers are suitable to supply a huger quantity of hot water than normal combi boilers, which are usually designed for small heating systems. Moreover, EcoTEC Exclusive Combination is the ideal combi boiler to heat huge spaces. Vaillant also offers vent boilers for traditional heating systems along with sophisticated boilers as the ATMOCraft commercial boiler which can be used with weather compensating heating controls.


  •  How can I check the water pressure in the boiler?

Hot water boilers are provided of valves by which it is possible to regulate the water pressure. Check the valves from time to time to ensure the boiler is efficiently working in order to avoid water waste and to save money. You can easily adjust the valves on your own. However, it is probable that an excessively low or high water pressure is due to damaged valves. In this case, it is necessary to have the valves repaired by a professional to restore the ideal level of water pressure.

  •  When do I need power flushing?

A useful way to avoid boiler repairing costs is to prevent boiler breakdown. An efficient way to do that is to have your boiler inspected occasionally in order to detect scaling and, in case it is necessary, to power flush the boiler. The 80% of heating faults are due to lime scale build-up that cause the central heating system to get  insulated, thus significantly affecting the boiler’s efficiency. In order to stop lime scale from forming in the boiler and therefore prevent a boiler breakdown, power flushing is the most effective solution. By powerflushing your boiler, in fact, you can have inhibitors introduced in the central heating system, which will slow down the sludge formation.

  •  What should I do when my boiler shuts down?

Sudden blockages are typical of condensing boilers. The popularity of these money-saving boilers is due to their capability to use vapour that is converted into water in the condensing tank. However, condensing boiler require warm temperatures to work properly as the water produced in the condenser is flushed through a pipe which is prone to freezing. When the pipe freeze, the boiler automatically shuts down. In this case you can either try to fix the problem by covering the pipe with insulating material or to consult an expert and see whether the pipe needs to be reinstalled.

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