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5 Energy (and Money) Saving Tips

Do you feel a sudden pain in your wallet when you get your home heating bills? Well you certainly are not alone. Those bills are out of control for many reasons that you can not control but there are things that you can do right now to save energy and ultimately pay less for your […]

Home Heating Maintenance – Avoid the Issues

The worst time to have a home heating issue is of course during the cold winter. Of course this does seem to be the time that something will go wrong. Trying to get some help during the worst of the winter can be an issue in and of itself because it is the height of […]

Can Natural Gas Save You Money?

Most homeowners are worried about how they can save as much money as possible, especially on their utilities.  The cost of electricity has risen dramatically in most areas, which has caused some to look for other means of heating and cooling their homes. Solar panels can help lower the cost of utilities but these can […]

Tips to Avoid Water Damage from Frozen Pipes

Water damage from frozen pipes can damage your home, personal property, or, in the least, ruin carpets, flooring, and more. This happens when frozen pipes increase water pressure somewhere in the system, causing the pipes to burst, and creating an indoor flood of whatever these pipes contained. The good news is that, usually, having a […]

Does your heating system need powerflushing?

Now that the winter is catching up, your central heating system should be in good shape. If not, then you will have problems staying warm during the cold weather. The best solution for this problem is to obtain professional power flushing services. If you are experiencing one or more of the following, your heating system […]

The benefits of wheaterization

Weatherization can be a fantastic way to save money, help the environment, and make your family more comfortable, all year round, in their home. Here, we will look at the things you can do to make your home ready to handle any type of weather, how that this process can benefit you as a home […]

A few thoughts on the UK building industry

I wouldn’t know why, but I think there is an increasing mistrust in builders in society. Although it’s not something that worries me too much, I do have a little concern. It is a fact that there are a handful of unqualified builders out there, but there also are good builders that don’t deserve this […]

Top 15 Toilet Repair Parts

So many toilet parts, each of which with its specific function and features, determine the funcionality of our bathroom. When one of these parts gets damaged and needs to be replaced, is therefore crucial to choose only the replacement that works best in our toilet, according to the toilet items and the toilet repair parts’ […]

How to create a utility room for your boiler

Certain factors can depend on whether you are building your utility room before or after a boiler has been fitted, ideally it would be better to know where you want the utility room to go before you get the boiler installed but this is not always impossible. Many homes house the boiler in the garage […]

A Guide to Home Heating and Cooling

It may be hard to believe given the recent weather conditions, but spring is here!  Now is a good time to start work on all of those DIY projects that you need to get done for the summer.  If you’re thinking of installing air conditioning this year, why not take a look at your heating […]

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