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Speedy Gas LondonBoiler Maintenance & Servicing in London

Boiler Maintenance & Servicing in London

Do you need boiler maintenance servicing in London? An annual servicing is the ideal solution to keep your boiler efficient on a long-term. Depending on the brand, a servicing could be needed more frequently. A professional check can be done in London by our team of expert plumbers that will be able to carry out a thorough servicing specifically aimed to identify any minor fault in order to prevent heating problems from occurring in the future.

Moreover, a regular servicing and maintenance may be in some cases compulsory to keep your boiler working. We offer a service which is suitable for a range of high quality boilers including Worcester, Vaillant and other brands.

How can boiler servicing help me?

Having proper maintenance of you boiler which includes regular checks, will allow you to save money and help you keep your house a safe place to live in. This can be done by our London boiler servicing team through an efficient examination of the burner as well as of the gas emissions. Our qualified technicians will be able to make sure that no energy is being wasted.

For proper boiler maintenance, it is very important to detect any leakage that may occur in the burner, which we will thoroughly examine. A complete servicing will include a professional check of the amount of carbon emissions. In case the emissions rate is too high, it could be adjusted for a healthier environment. This step is also very useful as carbon monoxide leaks can be detected. In case our boiler servicing team prove your boiler is not safe, the fault will be professionally repaired in a way to efficiently prevent carbon poisoning.

London Servicing: a Quality Guarantee

During a boiler inspection, a range of key boiler components such as the burner are examined and tested. The aim is to make sure they work properly and, in case any fault is detected, it will be repaired by our staff in a way to make your boiler more efficient on a long-term.

The servicing is in fact aimed to maximize the boiler efficiency by providing effective solutions to prevent major faults from eventually occurring. All the internal components are also properly checked in order to detect any sign of corrosion and wear thus to prevent serious faults and make sure that the heating and hot water can be effectively supplied. Another key step is flue inspection. As some repairs may be needed, the price of the boiler maintenance service may vary depending on the amount of work required by each repair.

A regular boiler servicing will be necessary to keep your boiler as efficient as possible and to avoid to pay a lot of money for an inspection. However, some boilers are more expensive to service than others, and this too will determine the total cost of the servicing.

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