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Top 15 Toilet Repair Parts

So many toilet parts, each of which with its specific function and features, determine the funcionality of our bathroom. When one of these parts gets damaged and needs to be replaced, is therefore crucial to choose only the replacement that works best in our toilet, according to the toilet items and the toilet repair parts’ […]

The Pros And Cons Of Gas And Electric Fires

Keeping your home toasty can be a tough task, whether it is winter or a chilly summer day. Many of us will have a central heating system but feel reluctant to turn it on when temperatures drop, which is why a lot of us will invest in some kind of fire or heater. There are […]

Saving with Eco-Friendly Gas Cookers

Gas cookers are some of the most popular in the World, especially as gas can be so much cheaper to use than electricity. However, there is a worry about the diminishing fossil fuels and whether we can continue to use gas to heat our food or even warm our home. There has been a lot […]

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Home Heating and Plumbing

  Achieving a satisfactory home heating and managing your gas service account is usually not very easy. You need to regulate your heater output according to a range of variable exigencies every day and you may also need a quick help with your home appliances maintenance or installation. It’s also necessary to monitor carefully your […]

The History of Plumbing

Plumbing consists of pipes and fixtures for water dissemination and collection of sewage for removal. The term plumbing comes from the Latin plumbum, meaning lead, the metal from which pipes were made. While many people think that the Romans invented plumbing, it is in fact far older than the Roman Empire. To find the inventors […]

Door U-values – the key to keeping your home warm

Keeping your home nice and toasty isn’t easy and above all else it isn’t cheap. Over winter periods large proportions of your monthly outgoings can be allocated just to gas and electric bills. We all know that there are certain parts of the home that hemorrhage heat; the loft, walls, our windows. However a typically unknown fact […]

How to Choose Your Gas Company Wisely

There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing your UK Gas or Energy Company from the big players to the small independents, however how do you know who will give you the best price, the best service and ultimately how do you know who you can trust? I’ve put together a checklist based on some […]

Small Leaks Big Cost

Have you ever ignored that tiny, annoying drip under the bathroom sink – telling yourself that you will see what the problem is at a more convenient time, changing the soaking wet towel inside your vanity, only to open your next water bill and see that it is $15-$20 more than usual! I’m guilty! Ignoring […]

How to Choose a Reputable Plumber

Plumbing: When It Can’t Wait Some home repairs can be delayed until the owner has the time and money to fix them; plumbing problems, however, are much more urgent. Broken plumbing may render toilets and sinks inoperable; severe problems may even cause sewage and other wastewater to flood the home. Time is of the essence, […]

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