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The Best Ways To Conserve Water In Your Home

Are you aware that most of the water you use comes from the bathroom? Some of the highest water using activities take place in the bathroom like using the sink, having a shower or bath, brushing your teeth, and even flushing the toilet.

Even toilets are sometimes known to account for one-third of the water use in your home. Preventative measures are the best way to lower your bills and water usage in your home. Here’s are the best ways to conserve water in your home.

One of the most-efficient and easiest ways to start conserving water is by replacing the appliances where water is most heavily used. This would mean replacing the toilet, sink, and shower-head with economically and environmentally friendly versions.

While some of these appliances will be expensive to purchase or install upfront, the savings in the long-run very much outweigh the short-term pain you might feel.

Such upgrades like a new water-efficient toilet can save you up to 15% on your water bill. In the UK there are government rebates and even local companies which will give you a discount or provide a unique service if you install a better toilet or other water-using appliance.

Adding a low-flow aerator is another great way to conserve water and lower your water usage and bill. An aerator is the piece at the end of the faucet that you screw on where water comes out of. They are used to control the flow of water and restricting the flow can have positive benefits. One of the hidden benefits to using the aerator is that it will limit the flow of water while using less and will provide stronger pressure.

Other additions such as a low-flow shower-head are a great idea. These are affordable options that average homeowners can install themselves and see immediate results. Not only are you saving money but you’re doing something good for the environment as well.

Along with low-flow shower-heads you can also install a dual-flush toilet. These come with two options – low flush and high flush depending on the contents of the bowl. Flushing only when necessary is a great technique to practice and works to passively restrict your water usage.

While some of these installations and additions can be done by yourself you want to make sure they are done properly and that you’re going about it in the right fashion. If you need help with any plumbing installations or any general plumbing help, feel free to contact us.

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