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Stoves are making a Comeback

A few decades ago, before the advent of low cost central heating and other contemporary home heating solutions, nearly every home in the UK had a stove. However, as time moved on these forms of heating became outdated and were often tagged as being less than energy efficient, as well as helping to pollute the enviroment.

Nevertheless, despite this being the 21st century, stoves are undergoing something of a renaissance in the past few years, as people hark back to a time when home heating had character.

Types of Stove

When it comes to choosing a stove for your home, there are a number of choices. If your home has a working chimney then you may want to consider a stove that burns solid fuel. Stoves in this category are usually the type that will need a constant supply of coal or logs or some of the more modern ‘smokeless’ fuels. These stoves are a lot more technical than their predecessors, something that makes them more efficient, as well as helping to reduce carbon emissions and smoke.

If you do not have a chimney in your home, then you can still own a stove, as you can opt for an electric or gas, log effect stove. A lot of people often opt for this type of stove to compliment their home, to add to the decor and the ambience of their living space.

The Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

Despite the fact that burning wood is seen as being bad for the environment, it is in fact quite the opposite, and it is often classed as being carbon neutral.

This is due to the fact that when burning wood, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are released into the air is offset by the same amount that is absorbed by a tree as it grows.

Stove Construction

In the beginning, the majority of stoves were constructed using cast iron as its primary material, and even today, cast iron is still the material of choice for manufacturers of quality stoves.

One of the benefits of using cast iron is the fact that it manages to diffuse the heat for a longer period of time, so you get more heat from your fuel supply.

Also, cast iron is a good stove making material due to the fact that can be cast thicker in areas that require more strength.

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