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5 Shower Efficiency Tips

There is nothing like a nice shower to start the day or to wash away the stress of a long day at work. However, despite the fact that a shower uses a lot less water than a bath, standing under that fast flowing water for any length of time is something that might not be as efficient as you might have thought.

Do not Leave the Water Running whilst Unattended

As tempting as it is to run the shower and to go off and do something else whilst you are waiting for the water to heat up, what you are actually doing is wasting water and energy.

Make sure that you are undressed and ready to get into the shower as soon as the water hits the right temperature.

Don’t take too long

Limiting your shower time to around the 5 minute mark is a good way to shower more efficiently.

5 minutes might not sound like much time, however, if the normal amount of time that you are in the shower for is ten minutes, you are halving the amount of water and energy that you use.

Change to a Low Flow Showerhead

If you have a power shower, you may actually be using more water during a 5 to 10 minute shower than you would if you were filling a bath, so quick is the flow of water.

In order to be more energy efficient and to preserve water, why not try replacing your standard shower head with a more efficient one.

Try to Shower just Once Per Day

As tempting as it is to freshen yourself up with multiple daily showers – especially during the summer months – it is not going to be an energy or water efficient way to keep clean.

Therefore it is a good idea to keep showers to a minimum by only showering once per day.

There is nothing wrong with Skipping a day

On days when you are just going to be kicking around the house not doing much or with any plans to go out, it is ok to skip having a shower. So why not try and just have a wash instead?

You can still be clean, but you will be using just a sink full of water rather than spending 5 to 10 minutes under a shower.

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