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How to Prevent Water Heater Leaks

Water heater leaks can cause a tremendous amount of damage in the home, causing mould and mildew that can cost thousands to repair.  As damaging as these leaks can be, it’s usually very simple to prevent them in the first place!

A small amount of maintenance and routine checking can keep water heaters in good repair and ensure that there are no leaks that will damage your home.

Consider some simple tips for preventing water heater leaks in your home.

Regular Checks

Every month it’s good to check for small leaks.  You may not be able to see an actual leak but you can look for water sprays or droplets forming anywhere around your water heater, which may be signs that there are leaks in the unit.

Notice if there is mould or mildew developing anywhere around the water heater and if you note a soft and spongy floor.

These too are signs of leaking around the water heater and you can address these leaks quickly and easily before they become even more damaging.

Maintenance Needed

Twice every year you should flush the hot water heater to keep lime, rush, and other sediment from building up which in turn can cause corrosion and leaks.  It’s usually good to have a licensed plumber handle this for you.

A hose is hooked up to the tank and it is drained completely, which keeps this sediment from developing over time.  A small maintenance job like this can save you burst pipes and major leaks down the road.

You might also install a drip pan underneath the water heater to catch any condensation that rolls down the outside of the tank.  This can prevent corrosion and rust on older units and can also protect your floor.

The drip pan can also alert you of leaks, if you notice that it is getting fuller more often than it should from condensation alone.

It’s also good to be mindful of any sounds you hear coming from the water heater which might signal work or maintenance to be done.

Pops, cracking sounds, the sound of dripping, and things like these are not to be ignored.  If you smell gas coming from the water heater, you want to call the gas company immediately and shut off the gas in the home.

Water leaks are damaging but gas leaks from a water heater are downright dangerous!

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