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Speedy Gas LondonUncategorizedCan Natural Gas Save You Money?

Can Natural Gas Save You Money?

Most homeowners are worried about how they can save as much money as possible, especially on their utilities.  The cost of electricity has risen dramatically in most areas, which has caused some to look for other means of heating and cooling their homes.

Solar panels can help lower the cost of utilities but these can be expensive and difficult to install.  A more feasible option for some might be natural gas.

Consider how natural gas can save you money and what appliances in your home can benefit from the use of natural gas over electricity.

Cost of Use

Natural gas typically costs less to use than electricity.  While costs vary in every area, it’s usually easier to collect and store natural gas for use than it is to generate electricity, which is why it’s much less expensive.

The cost of natural gas for a home can be half the cost of electricity for the same usage!  Check with your local power company to find out actual cost comparisons and note how much you might save every year.

The use of natural gas is also safer for the environment, as electrical power plants generate a tremendous amount of pollution in order to produce electricity.  This is a concern for anyone that wants to cut down on their carbon footprint and choose only clean energy sources.

Using Less

Not only does natural gas itself cost less, but most homeowners use less for everyday tasks than they do electricity.

It’s easier to heat water and to warm up the inside of a clothes dryer with natural gas than it is with electricity so a person will use less gas when using these appliances.  Gas costs less on its own, and you use less for major appliances, so obviously the savings can add up!

It can also be easier to use the right amount of heat when you use a gas stove rather than an electric stove.  With a gas flame you can easily adjust it according to what you see, but with an electric burner you can only adjust it according to the heat you feel.

It’s not unusual to overheat the stove when using electricity simply because you cannot see a flame as you would with a gas stove.  For serious cooks, this cost can add up.

Consider all these points when deciding between natural gas and electricity for your home or appliances.

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