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Tips to Avoid Water Damage from Frozen Pipes

Water damage from frozen pipes can damage your home, personal property, or, in the least, ruin carpets, flooring, and more. This happens when frozen pipes increase water pressure somewhere in the system, causing the pipes to burst, and creating an indoor flood of whatever these pipes contained.

The good news is that, usually, having a frozen pipe can be avoided in the first place with a bit of simple preparation. Here are a few tips that you can put to good use in order to avoid any kind of damages from frozen water pipes that may burst.

Place Pipes in Heated Areas

Normally, pipes that are housed outside the house, or in areas that are unheated, such as lofts, crawl spaces, and outdoors are more likely to burst. Opt for plumbing that is actually housed inside your house in a well-insulated area that can be regularly heated in the coldest months.

If pipes are in your loft, try to heat there regularly, or allow the heat to flow into the space. Normally, just this heat alone is enough to keep pipes from bursting. Insulating any and all pipes can also help to prevent freezing.

Ask Others to Check

While you are away on holiday or not at your house for a few days, ask a family member, neighbor, or trusted friend to stop-by and give your pipes a quick glance. This way, if a pipe has frozen or burst, they can alert both you, as well as calling a local plumber who can help to solve the issue quickly.

They can also take precautions to prevent more water damage, such as turning your stop tap. Also be sure that the heat is set to come on in your home while you are away so that the pipes can be kept warm.

Know Your Home

During the colder months, be sure to check on your pipes on a regular basis. Early detection, and knowing how your plumbing is laid out (such as where the stop tap is located, and how easily it is to turn it) can help you to deal with an emergency.

If case a pipe does burst, knowing how your plumbing is laid out can also help you to easily detect where a leak is coming from, what pipes need to be better insulated, and what pipes are located in which areas of your home.

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