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Speedy Gas LondonHeating TipsWhen to consider utilising air sourced heat pumps for your house

When to consider utilising air sourced heat pumps for your house

Air source heat pumps absorb heat energy from the atmosphere which is used to heat radiators, under-floor heating systems or even warm air convectors and water in a home or business premise. The heat energy is absorbed at relative low temperatures into a fluid, which then passes through a compressor that boosts its temperature.

If you have a space where an air source heat pump can fit, either on the front or backyard, you should consider installing them. All you need is a place on the outside of your house or business premise where the air source heat pump can be fitted to a wall or placed on the ground. However, they need a lot of space for them to get good air flows to operate efficiently. One needs to find a section of the wall or yard that receives direct sunlight during most periods of the year. You should also place them well to avoid creating unsightly views of your yard or walls.perature has more heat energy that is transferred to the heating and hot water circuits of a house or premise. Air source heat pumps use the exact same mechanism that is used by fridges to absorb heat from the things stored inside them. Air source heat pumps are advantageous in that they can absorb heat energy from air with as low temperatures as -150C. They use very minimal electrical energy to run as the heat absorbed from the air is constantly being renewed. There are two main types of air source heat pumps, namely: air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps.

A properly insulated home or premise will support an air source heat pump, as there will be very minimal heat losses thus it will save on the electrical costs of the running the machine. They work better when producing heat at lower temperatures compared to the traditional boilers therefore heat efficiency is of paramount importance. A home or business building should be well insulated and drought-proofed well for efficient and effective operation of an air source heat pump.

If your home or business premise is using an electric or coal heating system, and you are tired of incurring high energy costs. Then you might want to consider using an air source heat pump, as the air source heat pump system will pay for itself much more quickly if they replace a system using either electricity or coal for heating. When it comes to heating systems that use main gas, air source heat pumps may not be that cost effective. One will have to make several considerations on the cost of installation and electricity and the climate of an area before choosing to replace a main gas system with an air source heat pump.

Homes or buildings with existing under-floor heating systems will work efficiently with air source heat pumps. They have been found to work well with under-floor heating systems or warm air heating systems than with radiator-based systems because they offer lower water temperatures.

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