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Top 15 Toilet Repair Parts

So many toilet parts, each of which with its specific function and features, determine the funcionality of our bathroom. When one of these parts gets damaged and needs to be replaced, is therefore crucial to choose only the replacement that works best in our toilet, according to the toilet items and the toilet repair parts’ features. Here is a guide to the best toilet supplies. Check also fluidmaster.com for further advice, DIY tips and to check products features.

 1. 228 upgrade float valve

This product is the direct replacement for the 208 float valve. It fits a range of toilets and is more easy to install. The button attachment has been improved in this new float valve version for an easier application of the valve in the toilet. A great strong point of this valve is that its installation does not require the cistern to be removed.

Price: £ 17.50

Top features: very functional design, easy to install.

Buy: http://toiletparts.co.uk/bandq_toilets_11.html


2. Replacement flapper

Flappers easily get consumed over time as the result of in-tank cleaning and lose their functionality. That’s why much water gets wasted because of leakages. However this problem can be solved opting for the flapper we suggest, which is specifically designed to fit water-saving flush valves. It is also easy to install.

Price: £ 5.09

Top features: easy to handle and chlorine-resistant

Buy: screwfix.com


3. Quarter turn valve

Sometimes a leaking tap can be fixed only by replacing the valve. This quarter turn valve is suitable to replace most valves. It is a small size valve that can be used for both kitchen and bathroom taps.

Price: £ 15.95

Top features: 51mm of height, 18.5mm of diameter at the base. Is provided of a ceramic disk.

Buy: notjusttaps.co.uk




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