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Top 5 DIY Plumbing Channels


In our digital world the help we need is sometimes one click away. Even though most plumbing and gas related jobs actually require a professional, there is a lot of content on the internet which is very useful when dealing with little problems.

This is a list of 10 great instructional channels on plumbing you can start watching and implementing right now. Enjoy, and please share other resources if you know any.

1. VideoJug DIY

videojugShort and useful: VideoJug hosts a wide range of DIY plumbing videos that will help you a lot in your DIY efforts. Instructional clips on a myriad of topics, from fixing dripping taps to common washing machine problems.

VideoJug is the 2012 YouTube Trends How to Video Winner. Maybe the site has too much advertisement, but the content is high quality and it deserves your attention.

2. The Family Handyman

handymanHere’s another digital goldmine, a website packed with useful and instructional videos. The Family Handyman is your personal plumbing consultant that will help you with water heaters, broken sinks and much more.

Just type some words about your problem on the top search bar and discover the most relevant videoclips available. The Family Handyman also provide DIY forums which will help you.

3. The DIY Network

DIYnetworkWhen it comes to getting videohelp on your DIY plumbing tasks, there’s another great online resource to draw on. The DIY Network has a great plumbing section with videos on most of the most frequent problems we encounter in our bathrooms and kitchens.

What makes the site unique are its “Inside Plumbing” dedicated sections on leaks, drainage, faucets and much more. So check them out and enjoy their content.

4. Have fun with Plumber Parts

ppartsPlumber Parts is a lively YouTube channel with lots of actionable videos shot by a fun guy with a passion for DIY plumbing.

Some of the videos are quite advanced, but you can definitely find interesting stuff that will really help you.

Enjoy his content!

5. DIY Plumbing Advice

adviceAnother great source of how-to content on plumbing is DIY Plumbing Advice YouTube channel. Their guides are easy to follow and really instructional. Their video on “How to repair a Moen Shower” was viewed almost half million times.

They also provide useful advice on other house improvement topics, saving etc. You can also send them a message about further topics you would like to get advice on.

Now it’s your turn

Share with us one or more additional resources that make DIY plumbing a little easier. Is there any website, video channel or resource you would definitely recommend?

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