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Insulating your Home: Costs and Benefits

insulateWhat is the Infographic all about?

  • The infographic is a visual representation showing how much it costs to insulate your home, as well as detailing the savings you could make each year with each type of insulation.
  • By showing how long it takes each type of insulation installed to pay for itself, you can work out the length of time it will take to reap the benefits. This forms a vital part of the decision-making process, and applies also to our gas services.
  • A graphical representation makes it easy to assess and understand the information given, in a user-friendly, clear and concise manner.
  • The infographic is a helpful decision-making tool for consumers to weigh up the different types of insulation, their costs and the savings made, so that they can make informed decisions themselves about insulating their own home.
  • Many people might not be aware of the different types of insulation available to have in their home, so the infographic also serves as an informational and educational tool, to increase awareness about insulation.
  • The infographic is a helpful way to encourage people to become more environmentally-conscious by enabling them to become more energy efficient at home, whilst making savings in the long term.

Sourced from: Ashbrook Roofing

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