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20 Tips to Save Money and Keep your House Warm

save energyIt’s been a long, cold winter. But, thankfully, the nights do seem to be getting lighter and most of us have at least once over the last month thought, for a moment, that spring had spring early. It hasn’t. It’s still cold. If your home feels as if it is colder than a polar bear’s pied-à-terre then fear not; the team at Everest have come to the rescue. Kind of.

They’ve created a great infographic complete with 20 genuinely useful tips about how you can make your home nice and cosy while also saving some money on your energy bills.

There are lots of common sense tips included. Stuff like servicing your boiler and wearing an extra jumper. But there are some really interesting stats too. For example, did you know that installing thick loft insulation that is 27cm thick can save you £175 a year on your energy bills? Or that by simply turning your thermostat down only 1c could reduce your heating bill by 10% each year?

This infographic is provided by www.everest.co.uk. Find out how you can make your home warmer & save money by installing double glazing here

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