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Swiftly Dealing with Blocked Drains

drain cleaningBlocked drains annoy people all over the world every day, so how can we firstly prevent them happening, and secondly tackle the problem swiftly when we find we have a blockage? The tell-tale signs of a blocked drain are water lingering in the sink, shower or toilet for a period of time after releasing the water via the plug or after flushing.

On discovering the blockage you should first pour bleach down the plug hole or toilet and flush, and repeat the process several times. If there is no sign of a natural flow of water returning then you may need your drains unblocking by a local drainage professional.

When you speak to a professional you will find that they will employ a range of techniques including drain jetting and manual rodding to help the water flow return. Drain jetting is a relatively technical process where specialist equipment is used to force water up the length of the pipe and release any blockage in its path.

Drain jetting is an effective technique as it often stops any lingering buildups from becoming more problematic.
The other technique commonly employed is manual rodding. This is a more intrusive and dangerous method if not executed professionally. Links of flexible piping are connected and inserted down the length of the pipe until the blockage is found. When the rod meets the cause of the problem the drainage professional twists and turns the rod until the blockage is loosened and the water can flow at its natural pace.

Preventing a blocked drain happening in the future

If you want to prevent your drains from becoming blocked again in the near future then you should first take a look at what you flush down your toilet, and what you put down your plug hole. Ensure you do not flush cotton wool, cotton buds, face wipes and excessive amounts of toilet paper down your toilet as these will all cause problems for you. If you use a dishwasher then you should try and rinse the cutlery to avoid food from clogging the dishwasher’s drainage system.

Some professionals will even mention that you should protect your drains from neighboring plants and trees so that plant matter cannot land directly into the drain. If you are experiencing a blocked drain and bleach is not working, consider allowing your local drainage professional to carry out drain jetting or manual rodding on your behalf.

Tom Clark writes on a various subjects from eco living and home maintenance, to technology and business. He is helping people who need their drains unblocking with the most efficient methods available such as drain jetting.

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