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The Pros And Cons Of Gas And Electric Fires

Keeping your home toasty can be a tough task, whether it is winter or a chilly summer day. Many of us will have a central heating system but feel reluctant to turn it on when temperatures drop, which is why a lot of us will invest in some kind of fire or heater. There are two main types of fires; gas and electric. So how do you know which one is best for you and your home? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both, helping you make a better informed decision.

Gas fires

There are a few different types of gas fires and heaters you can get, some more attractive than others! There are portable ones which can be carried around the house and filled with gas cannisters or fires which are attached to the wall and run straight from your gas pipe. Both will use around the same amount of gas (really not a lot!) and can keep a room or area nice and warm. One of the many reasons people opt for gas heaters is that gas is a lot cheaper than electric! If you are running a fire straight from your normal gas mains then it will just be added onto your normal utility bills. Those who opt to purchase gas cannisters will find they pay a small premium. The only issue some people have with a gas fire is that it can take a while to heat up, compared to electricity.

Electric fires

There are many more options when it comes to electric fires, which is what can make them so popular. You can have tiny portable versions that can be carried from room to room (or even plugged into the car!), ones that glitter with fake flames and others that work as heater fans. Of course the biggest downfall with an electric heater is the cost! Although they may be pretty quick to heat up you’ll find the cost of using them can be pretty high. As the prices of electricity continue to rise it can cost a lot of money to keep one room warm for a whole day. Due to this the number of electric heaters sold has dropped over the last few months, making way for gas heaters instead.

So, which one is right for you?

If you are not bothered about the look or style of a heater or fire then go for a portable version, whether it be gas or electric. Those who are worried about their utility bills rising should definitely opt for the gas fire, which will also look great in your home. If you need a quick burst of heat as and when, then the electric fire is the one to go for. Really, it all depends on where you are using it, why and how often. Once you know all of your requirements it will be a lot easier to pick the heater best suited to your home.

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