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How to create a utility room for your boiler

boiler breakdown londonCertain factors can depend on whether you are building your utility room before or after a boiler has been fitted, ideally it would be better to know where you want the utility room to go before you get the boiler installed but this is not always impossible. Many homes house the boiler in the garage where it can often be very cold in the winter meaning you face the risk of the pipes or the pump seizing up. If you create a utility room within the garage you get more use out of the overall space and protect your (expensive) boiler from needed repairs and maintenance.

Step 1: Decide on the size of the room

If you are simply housing the boiler within the room then you can look to make it no bigger than about 1 metre in width but many people decide to make it around 2 metres wide and make it in to a utility room instead of just a boiler room. This way you can place your washing machine, tumble dryer and any other household goods that you don’t want taking up space in the rest of the house like ironing boards etc…

Step 2: DIY or hire the professionals?

This is definitely the kind of task that could be taken on from a DIY point of view, the difficult part as always would be the plastering and electrics. The room would need a partition wall putting up with some form of insulation within it to keep it warmer than the rest of the garage; it would need power outlets, plastering, painting and flooring putting down. Most of this could be done by yourself but it would definitely be recommended to get a professional in for the plastering and electrics to give it a good finish. Plastering is very difficult to get right and the fibrous plaster that the professionals would use would ensure you get a high quality room.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Once your room has been completed it is time to think about what colours to paint it, what flooring to put down and so on. It would be highly recommended to put down laminate flooring as there is a good chance there could be water spillages within it. It is also a good idea to build a cabinet around the outside of the boiler with a door on the front to access it, this isn’t essential but just gives it a bit extra protection and keeps the pump that little bit more protected from the cold.

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