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Some things you didn’t know about keeping your house warm

When people think about how to keep their house warm the first thing that tends to spring to mind will be turning on the radiators. A quick boost on the thermostat and suddenly your home is toasty again. There are other ways you can keep your house warm though, without spending money on utility bills!

Chilly feet

Heat rises and most of that heat tends to come from our feet! When walking around on cold floorboards or tiles you’ll find that you seem a lot chillier than on warm carpet. There are several ways of stopping cold feet; some more obvious than others. Of course you could always put on a pair of socks or slippers, but actually having a rug in the home will work just as well! We can’t all afford underfloor heating and some of us don’t like the idea of pulling up the floorboards either. A few carefully placed rugs in bathrooms, kitchens and other tiled areas will help reduce the chilly feeling that goes from your feet to your spine.

Close the doors

Rooms in the house that aren’t being used can suck up a lot of the energy from the rooms that are being used. With this in mind, it’s important to keep as many doors closed in your home as possible. If the whole of upstairs is unused during the day then close all of the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms. Not only will it ensure that heat can get round the used rooms but it will also trap warmth in the unused rooms too. Now you don’t have to worry about walking into a frozen bedroom before going to bed at night.

Draughts are everywhere

One of the biggest causes of a cold home will be the number of draughts, cracks and gaps in places you would never have thought of! Some of the most common places will be your windows, even if they are closed and locked. Sometimes cold air can get through gaps unseen to the human eye, as well as letting warm air out too. Make sure you have a nice thick pair of curtains that you can close when the air outside turns bitter. If you are a professional you can even look into getting electric curtain tracks which you set to close before you get in, like your heating, so you don’t have to return to an cold house on a evening where your delayed.  Other places you will find draughts tend to be cupboards, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Wherever you have pipes in the house (under sinks, behind washing machines) you will find a draught. As the pipes lead to outside there tends to be gaps around them that can let in the cold air. Simply use an old towel or blanket around the pipe to stop that whistling wind getting in. Just keeping the cupboard doors closed properly can also stop the draughts from leaking into your house.

Although some of these methods are quite obvious, some are also quite unusual. Many people are unaware of just how many places in the home will let in cold air and let out the warmth. Before you reach for the thermostat next time consider one or more of these options instead!

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