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Top Five Advantages Of Installing Vertical Radiators

At first glance vertical radiators may come across as quite strange, almost like stepping into some mind boggling film such as Inception or walking into a curious M.C. Escher optical illusion where everything seems to be upside down or back to front.

Don’t let your mind play tricks on you however, as this form of radiator actually has a number of practical uses aside from acting as an eye-catching addition to your bathroom to get your guests talking, or scratching their heads in bemusement.

Here then is a list of the top five advantages of adding a vertical radiator to your home this winter.


Towel Heater

Vertical radiators make a very good unit in regards to heating your towels. Whilst at first glance they may appear to be a ladder leading upwards to a higher floor, tower rail units make good use of incorporating several parts to make sure you can heat your towels as well as the bathroom itself.

Space Saving

These days people will often decide to add an ensuite bathroom or a small additional bathroom to their home. This is where vertical radiators can be somewhat of a Godsend. Whilst the room itself may be small length wise, unless you live in a home constructed for hobbits, you are sure to have plenty of height to play with.

This also acts as a good utilisation of space, as far too often we end up leaving the walls of our homes bare, in essence wasting space. Speedy Gas can advise about several options.

Less Chance Of Blocking The Heat

With traditional radiators their horizontal design, which spans across the length of a room, can unfortunately lead to unwanted obstruction from items such as sofas or armchairs. With a vertical radiator, this is not a problem as you only have to work around the narrower section of the radiator. Therefore, there is less chance of any unwanted obstructions.

Stunning Designs

A vertical radiator is eye-catching enough already –  in part thanks to its unusual design which makes it quite a unique item to have in your home – but add in the fact that you can pick them up in all manner of attractive designs, and you know that you’re onto a winner.

And, Not Forgetting – Heat

Of course the main purpose of a radiator is to dish out a blissful source of heat to keep you from shivering those winter nights away with nothing but the chattering of teeth and the minimal amount of heat your TV may kick out.

Thankfully, vertical radiators are a good provider of heat too, providing a more than sufficient amount of heat for the entire room when those winter night chills really begin to kick in.

If you are looking for something a little unusual to heat up your home, then a vertical radiator could really be right up your street, and that is anything but a mind boggling statement.

Louisa Jenkins is a home heating adviser helping people find the latest heating appliances to heat up their homes.

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