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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Home Heating and Plumbing


Achieving a satisfactory home heating and managing your gas service account is usually not very easy. You need to regulate your heater output according to a range of variable exigencies every day and you may also need a quick help with your home appliances maintenance or installation. It’s also necessary to monitor carefully your gas expenses to keep costs down. Some mobile apps can help you organize your home heating in a few simple steps and with no limitations.

British Gas App for Smartphones

Monitoring your gas usage is very important to keep gas costs under control. It’s a daunting task, but the recent technology can help you with that. British Gas has developed a mobile app for smarthphones that allows you to manage your gas service account and monitor your expenses by providing detailed information including payment history and account balance. With this useful tool you can also easily get information about your current tariff and compare your energy usage with other customers. This is the ideal mobile app for British Gas customers as it allows to establish a quick connection to the customers service, which can be contacted by e-mail or telephone. Moreover, this app gives you access to 24 hours emergency numbers.

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Gas Installers Workmate Mobile

This is one of the most popular mobile apps that help you with home plumbing. When you need to make some adjustment to your heating appliance you have two options: spending a lot of time looking for the DIY plumbing advice on the web that best suit your exigencies or getting all the information you need just by scrolling your finger on your mobile. If you think the second option is more convenient to you, all you need to do is to download this app containing a complete index of manufacturers and models that give you access to the information you need for boiler installation and maintenance.

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MyHome remote central heating control app

As the name suggests, this mobile app allows you to turn your central heating on or off while you’re away. This function alone makes this tool very useful as it offers considerable advantages for your home heating. Thanks to this app you can set the temperature wherever you are and enjoy the heat you need when you come back home. Another very good point about this app is that it allows you to compare the internal and the outside temperature for a more efficient heating regulation.

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Heating Cost

Do you want to replace your old heating system with a new and cost-saving one? Heating Cost is the mobile app that will help you make the best choice. This tool is designed to offer an overview of the different heating solutions available on the market, so you will be able to compare the features of the systems as well as replacing and running costs and decide which option is best for your home. Heating Cost also features customizable currencies and prices.

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Heating oil mobile

If you have an oil-fired heating appliance, you’ll find this mobile app very useful. You can use this tool to organize your home heating more smoothly and quickly. This app allows you to get a quote from your local fuel supplier, so you won’t need to make any phone call and get the information you need instantly. Any commission will be charged.

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