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Speedy Gas LondonHeating Tips4 Reasons Why Yearly Boiler Maintenance is Essential

4 Reasons Why Yearly Boiler Maintenance is Essential

Boiler problems can cause many a headache, but besides being an inconvenience, these issues can also be dangerous. The best way to prevent anything from happening is to keep your boiler in top condition, making sure you give it an annual inspection and maintenance service.

It is just too easy to take the availability of hot water and home heating for granted, but when something happens to the boiler that is when we can really appreciate its value. The following are a few reasons why a regular boiler service can help prevent issues.

1 – Avoid expensive repairs

Annual service can prevent you from having unexpected expensive repais. Being without heating or hot water in the winter months can also be extremely uncomfortable, even so much as to warrant additional expenses involving a hotel stay. On the other hand, if you have your boiler serviced in the late summer or early fall, you will have time to make any needed repairs before it shuts down completely.

2 – Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide is tasteless and odourless, which makes it doubly as dangerous. An undetected leach can result in death, but even a small leak, not serious enough to cause death can cause serious health issues over time – and can even lead to serious brain disorders and damage. Statistics indicate that approximately 20 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK, and these could have been avoided if the resident had simply performed a yearly boiler inspection.

3 – Smaller Heating Bills

When you regularly service a boiler your system works optimally, producing heat and hot water efficiently. This can help reduce your fuel bills. Besides, a regularly serviced boiler can make your property more appealing to buyers.

4 – Insurance Policy Regulations

Some boilers have warranties but these warranties are subject to a boiler’s being serviced annually. Have a professional check your boiler annually and keep records of this inspection to show the manufacturer in the event of a repair issue.

Finding the Right Boiler Maintenance Service Company

When hiring a boiler service company you need to hire a professional qualified service engineer. A gas boiler needs to be worked on by a qualified and certified GasSafe Registered engineer. If your boiler is electrical then it must be worked on by a certified electric boiler repair technician.

Before hiring the right repair service company check your references, and ask for certification information. A boiler is an essential part of your home, you can’t trust its repair to anyone. Additionally, problems or issues the boiler may have, could be overlooked by an inexperienced technician. Besides any current warranty you have could also be voided if the technician servicing it annually doesn’t have the necessary certifications.

Phil Palister is the MD of 0800 Repair Gas Services based in the North East. 0800 repair provide high quality boiler repairs in Newcastle and the surrounding area.

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