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What not to use when unblocking your drains

So you’ve come across that oh-so-common frustration, a blocked drain. Now for many of us it just seems to be a fact of life that this is going to happen from time to time and trust me, when you have long hair like mine you constantly have something at the ready to flush the drain with once you’ve had a shower. But if you do find yourself in a situation where the drain has become completely blocked then you may feel that extreme measures need to be taken.

Blocked drains can be a complete pain around the home and more than that they can cause damage to your property and to neighbouring property if the problem gets out of hand. Blocked drains can lead to a substantial overflow of water which in turn can cause mould and damage to surrounding materials – and in the worst case scenario you might not even realise what is happening! If you do find that this is happening then chances are you will try to find a home remedy for the blocked drain situation.

If you do want to take blocked drains into your own hands then do so carefully and don’t just go gung-ho with the strongest possible chemical that you can find. Chemicals can be increasingly dangerous and they can cause far more damage than good so really take the time to think carefully before you start pouring various substances down the drain!

Here are some key substances that you should never pour down the drain:

Harsh chemicals

When your drain becomes blocked it can be really easy to just go straight in with harsh chemicals, but the main problem with this is that these harsh chemicals can actually cause corrosion and damage to the pipes in your network. Pouring harsh chemicals down a drain can cause the pipes to break and can lead to you requiring a completely new piping network across your house, this can be far more costly than simply hiring some professionals to unblock your drains in the first place!

Food waste

Food waste can become one of the major reasons that your drains become blocked in the first place and the best place for food place to be will always be in the bin. If you are struggling to dispose of food that you have in the sink then don’t continue to push it down the drain. Scoop it out and put it in the waste disposal, this will allow you to continue to keep your drains clear.


Pouring medications down the sink can be dangerous mainly because you don’t know what they contain. Some medications do have the potential to contain chemicals which when mixed with other chemicals can be potentially dangerous. If you do have left-over medications then dispose of them safely in the bin.

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