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Top 15 Toilet Repair Parts

So many toilet parts, each of which with its specific function and features, determine the functionality of our bathroom. When one of these parts gets damaged and needs to be replaced, is therefore crucial to choose only the replacement that works best in our toilet, according to the toilet items and the toilet repair parts’ features. Here is a guide to the best toilet supplies. Check also fluidmaster.com for further advice, DIY tips and to check products features.

1. 228 Upgrade float valve

This product is the direct replacement for the 208 float valve. It fits a range of toilets and is more easy to install. The button attachment has been improved in this new float valve version for an easier application of the valve in the toilet. A great strong point of this valve is that its installation does not require the cistern to be removed.

  • Price: £17.50
  • Top features: very functional design, easy to install.
  • Buy online

2. Replacement flapper

Flappers easily get consumed over time as the result of in-tank cleaning and lose their functionality. That’s why much water gets wasted because of leakages. However this problem can be solved opting for the flapper we suggest, which is specifically designed to fit water-saving flush valves. It is also easy to install.

  • Price: £5.09
  • Top features: easy to handle, chlorine-resistant.
  • Buy online 

3. Quarter turn valve

Sometimes a leaking tap can be fixed only by replacing the valve. This quarter turn valve is suitable to replace most valves. It is a small size valve that can be used for both kitchen and bathroom taps.

  • Price: £15.95
  • Top features: 51mm of height, 18.5mm of diameter at the base. Is provided of a ceramic disk.
  • Buy online

4. Good grip shower stall drain protector

This rust-proof drain protector is specifically designed to guarantee a very efficient water drainage. The drainage is in fact assured by the protector’s features that make it able to catch hair and to efficiently avoid blocks. It is also functional as thanks to its features it won’t easily move.

  • Price: £6.64
  • Top features: stainless steel construction, silicon rim.
  • Buy online

5. Thermostatic commercial mixing valve

If you need to replace your shower’s valves, you would make a good choice by opting for the thermostatic mixing valve we suggest. This is a high-quality and relatively cheap mixing valve. It is specifically designed to control the water temperatures in order to avoid scalding.

  • Price: £72.91
  • Top features: 135mm of width and 98mm of height. It is provided with a tamper proof head.
  • Buy online

6. Chrome commercial bath taps

These cheap but efficient taps are ideal for an inexpensive solution to replace your bath taps. They are small size (the overall height is 76mm) and finished in chrome. What makes them particularly efficient is the flushing control system of which they are provided of. For that, these taps are a good solution to avoid water wastes.

  • Price: £13.06
  • Top features: Metal back nut, screw in tails and push in flush anti flush control system.
  • Buy online

7. Brass basin waste

Has your plastic hole stopper got consumed? Try this replacement piece. The basin waste we suggest includes a smart silver tap hole stopper  and a drain protector of the same colour. Those who choose to buy this item can enjoy a 20 years guarantee.

  • Price: £6.19
  • Top features: The basin waste is made of brass and is tamper resistant. It is finished in chrome.
  • Buy online

8. Standard chrome basin bottle trap

This bottle trap is a standard, chrome finished toilet device. It is 1.25 inches and is designed to replace bottle traps of different heights. A 20cm extension can be plugged to the bottle to form a practical and functional waste assembly.

  • Price: £15.99
  • Top features: Brass construction, tamper resistant, adjustable height.
  • Buy online

9. Shower hose chrome

This replacement shower hose is an ideal solution for your shower. This item is 1.25m in lenght and is designed both to provide a powerful flush and to be durable. The material of which the connectors are made, in fact, makes them resistant so you won’t be forced to change out the hose soon again. It is also easy to clean.

  • Price: £18.78
  • Top features: durable brass connectors.
  • Buy online

10. Teardrop cistern lever

Action cisterns may need a lever replacement. The item we suggest is suitable to handle the cistern easily. The silver coloured, teardrop shaped handle is easy to install and combines functionality with style. Finally,what makes this cistern lever a good replacement item is the resistance of the material.

  • Price: £11.09
  • Top features: the device is made of durable metal, is resistant and characterized by a pleasant look.
  • Buy online

11. Flush button pack

For the substitution of your toilet push button you can try this dual flush button. The replacement kit includes the button and other flushing devices. It fits new flush valves and is suitable for a wide range of contemporary toilet brands. It doesn’t fit the old valve type.

  • Price: £16
  • Top features: plain, chromed – finished. 75mm in depth.
  • Buy online

12. Tap Reviver Single Lever Chrome

This tap reviver is a replacement item that can fit most taps in the 5412 and 1010 category. This is a versatile item, perfect to be used with all plumbing systems. It is finished in chrome and has a plain contemporary style which makes it suitable to fit every kind of bathroom styles. It also provides a rapid flushing.

  • Price: £39.60
  • Top features: compression valve, single lever.
  • Buy online

13. The SIAMP Diaphragm Ballvalve Washer

The ballvalve washer is one of the toilet part which gets worn out easily. If you need a replacement for this item, you can choose this diaphragm which fits SIAMP toilets to stop hitches in your toilet flushing. This repair item measures 28mm of diameter and 15mm of height.

  • Price: £3.35
  • Top features: simple plastic diaphragm.
  • Buy online

14. Zanzibar shower head

This highly functional shower head is one of the best replacement items for your shower. You don’t need to check the shower features to make sure it fits as this is a suitable item for all kind of showers. It measures 80mm of diameter and can be very easily adjusted. Moreover, it will allow you to get rid of your old shower head by replacing it with a limescale-resistant one

  • Price: £14.50
  • Top features: anti-limescale, rub nozzles, side finger level.
  • Buy online

15. Bath pop up waste

This versatile white coloured bath waste tube is finished in chrome and is suitable for most bathroom styles. It can be applied to baths which are more than 10mm large and features a pop up tube for an efficient drainage. Those who choose this bath waste for their replacement needs can count on a 10 years guarantee.

  • Price: £20.99
  • Top features: pop up tube, 700mm overflow.
  • Buy online

So here is a complete guide where you can find the replacement item you need. The items contained in the guide are all aimed to give you examples of cheap and efficient plumbing repair parts for your toilet also with an eye for style. It is also true that the mere features of each item is not sufficient to understand what best matches your real exigencies. For this reason it is highly recommendable to compare different plumbing products as well as to ask the advice of an expert. You may also take advantage by sharing your needs and experiences with other persons on the web. In order to guide you throughout the resolution of your plumbing problems we suggest you to visit UKplumbersForum.co.uk to get some professional advice and search for products as well as Plumbworld.co.uk



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