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How To Heat Larger Homes Efficiently and Cost Effectively

Winter is here again, but is your home cost effective in energy usage? Sometimes making sure windows and doors are closed is not enough. Using local plumbers or plumbing services can help make sure your heating is more economic this winter.

If your house is bigger than average, heating costs can really mount up over winter. Having loft insulation fitted is one way of keeping your home warmer. Effective for around 40 years, loft insulation pays for itself over and over again. If your home is not insulated you lose a quarter of your heat through the roof, so the potential savings here are huge. Door insulators and sealants around windows stop drafts coming in and heat from going out but these alone won’t keep the cost of your heating as low as possible.

The Things You Need To Consider

First of all, it is so important you get professional advice before installing a new heating system. Plumbers and plumbing services can arrange a quote but it is better to get several quotes from reliable service providers. Whatever system you choose, it’s widely known that you could save up to 70% on your hot water bills alone.

New energy efficient boilers will save you money in the long term and reduce CO2 emissions helping your carbon footprint. Having a fuel efficient condensing type boiler fitted could save you over a third on heating bills. There are several boilers to choose from; if you have a fireplace already in your home then a back boiler is a good choice, as this makes use of a boiler fitted behind the fireplace which heats your hot water and heating system.

Traditional and conventional boilers are now known as regular boilers. This type is manually controlled by you using timers. Another option is a system boiler, which is similar to a regular boiler with just one difference – you don’t need to have a tank fitted in the loft which is great as this means users save space. Combi boilers heat water when needed, so this is a popular system amongst larger homeowners. Although it’s not quite as efficient as regular or system condensing boilers, it is cheaper to install. Don’t install a boiler in the loft if you want to convert your loft; a system boiler is ideal in this case.

What About Solar Powered Options

Solar power is the next big thing in terms of saving energy. Solar thermal systems provide environmentally friendly, energy efficient solar heating for hot water. Installing a renewable energy source can greatly reduce your heating bills with the added benefit of reduced CO2 emissions, but you need to remember that the initial cost of these systems can be quite high. Our advice? Be sure to consider which boiler is suitable for you. The system you choose will determine how much you eventually pay to heat your home!

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