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Small Leaks Big Cost

Have you ever ignored that tiny, annoying drip under the bathroom sink – telling yourself that you will see what the problem is at a more convenient time, changing the soaking wet towel inside your vanity, only to open your next water bill and see that it is $15-$20 more than usual! I’m guilty!

Ignoring even the seemingly most simple tiny drips can cost you money. Taking the time and energy to locate and (if you can) fixing the problem is both cost effective and promotes water conservation. I live in an area that has had severe drought over the past two years.

My city allows only two hours a week for outdoor watering – so saving water has become important to us all. Eco-friendly behavior has become an integral part of our life-style. We re-cycle paper, plastic, aluminum, and even have a grey-water system for catching the water from our washing machine.

This move alone has kept us from losing our trees and flower beds, which in turn makes for a happier wife! Personal water conservation of this nature has decreased our home water bill by over $15 a month! So, why would I continue to allow my bathroom sink to steal money away from me?

Upon investigation, my mess proved to be a simple fix. Upon replacing a small piece of drain pipe I inadvertently cross-threaded a slip-nut. Easy fix, but costly if not addressed. Not only the cost of the wasted water, but also damage to the vanity, which would need to be replaced – in the neighborhood of $300. Then also, depending on how long the situation is ignored, flooring and/or walls could become soaked with water, causing a potential mold situation. Such a situation would really cancel out the eco-friendly family behavior, eh?

Other areas where small, seemly insignificant, leaks can occur in our homes would be faucets in tubs and/or showers, bathroom and kitchen sinks, and lines coming to and leaving from my washing machine. I once had a washing machine where the drain line had a kink in it. It caused water to back-up into our kitchen and even to the edge of my carpeted den. Again, in this case, it proved to be an easy, inexpensive fix.

Having said all that and giving examples where I was fortunate enough to find and fix potential disasters, many times the most cost effective way to deal with these things is to call in the big guns – a professional plumber.
I live a busy life and like many others I don’t always check the origin of problems like I should. The $100 service call, along with the potential embarrassment of an easy fix, sure outweighs the cost of replacing a vanity, part of a wall, and a new floor.

We can’t be good at everything, so be good at recognizing that professional help can be very beneficial to your family, as well as not wasting the precious commodity of water for the entire community.
So get a handle on avoiding the big costs by addressing the small leaks.


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Reeves Family Plumbing provides quality plumbing repair in Dallas and surrounding areas.

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