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5 Questions To Ask A Plumber In London

You can fix that leaky tap, but when it comes to big jobs, only a qualified professional will do. Facing lots of potential plumbers, the choice is overwhelming because the wrong decision could be costly. Before you choose a good plumber in London, here are 5 important questions to ask.

Plumber in London

Are you Gas Safe Registered?

Watch out if the plumber mentions CORGI registration. CORGI was replaced by Gas Safe registration in early 2009, so a good plumber in London will be up-to-date. Being Gas Safe means they’re qualified in working with potentially dangerous parts of the house like gas appliances. Gas leaks kill, so this is the most important question. Other qualifications like membership at the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering separate a great plumber from the rest.

What do you charge?

Don’t get into debt over a leak but don’t skimp either. If the cost is too good to be true, watch out for a cowboy plumber. You get what you pay for. Good plumbers don’t resort to low prices to get work because they’re in high demand. They know their worth and charge accordingly. Living in the capital isn’t cheap, so a plumber in London needs a good rate.

Where are your references?

Qualifications are good, but real world experience is better. Unbiased references show the plumber has the know-how to do a good job every time. References won’t necessarily call him the best plumber in London. They should be positive, but realistic. Are their full contact details included? How does the plumber feel about you contacting his references? Does he seem nervous or confident? A good plumber in London will have nothing to worry about.

Do you have a website?

Now websites are so easy and cheap to buy, there’s no reason not to have one. They provide much more information than listings in a directory. Instead of asking lots of questions on the phone, you could save the cost of a call and look online. Search for a plumber in London and you’ll see countless others who have a website. Take your time while browsing. Look out for bad signs like missing contact information, broken webpages, and lots of spelling mistakes.

Can you call me back?

This is a simple test in reliability. Ask the plumber to call back. Decide on a time suitable for you both, and then wait. Did they call back when promised? If they fail this simple test, you can’t rely on them in an emergency. Choose a more dependable plumber in London instead.

Qualifications, a fair rate, good references, a website, and the call back test are all you need to check a plumber in London. The best plumbers will easily answer these questions and pass the call back test, so don’t settle for second-rate. The plumber will be handling important parts like gas pipes, so you need someone you can trust with your life.

Speedy Gas provide ethical and trustworthy plumbers in North London, Central and East. If you need a plumber with ample recommendations to speak to, contact us today and we will provide them for you.

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