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Boiler Installation Costs | Uk Boiler Installation Quotes & Prices

When working out the cost of a boiler installation in the UK, at Speedy Gas we consider every home or property different. From our experience and how we break down our quotes we have found that the following guidelines for a new boiler price (supply and fit) could be easily summed up with the following criteria:

How big is the property?

The new boiler installation cost will have included the size of your property. The more rooms and space you have to heat, the more power is needed from a boiler. So the cost of a higher output boiler will be more (in most cases) depending on your property size.

You would not want to “get the best price” for a boiler which you should be paying for what you need in boiler output. You will lose 4-5X in boiler repairs and boiler replacements etc over the years if you put too much strain on the boiler.

Existing Heating Infrastructure

Some customers who come to us are just looking for a new boiler. So the price of a boiler installation is easily calculated based on the above. However, another factor we consider in all of our boiler quotes, is what kind of heating infrastructure you have in the property. Are your pipes old? Will they allow sufficient boiler pressure? Do you have enough radiators in your home to actually release the heat sufficiently? These things all make a difference on boiler prices and quotes.

Bells & Whistles

One thing that many clients forget are the bells and whistles which come with almost all new boiler installations. However, for easier control over your heating system and central heating you may add to your boiler installation quote when asking for high-spec digital thermostats, new radiator valves, possible a water tank if you are using a system boiler etc.

When we do our initial consultation, you can discuss your needs and we will inspect your current central heating system and determine what can be covered in your budget. For example, a Vaillant boiler installation may cost less than a Worcester Bosch boiler installation depending on the specifications. We will help you with this.

Boiler Installation Costs

With all the above said, Speedy Gas can offer a competitive quotes on all of our boiler installations. Our boiler installation prices and central heating prices are considered by our past clients, the finest they have seen for the quality of service offered.

But if you are eager for an answer on boiler prices, then let us say that our boiler installation costs can range from £1,500 up (supply & fit), depending on many of the points listed above.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation if you have any other questions.

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