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Boiler Installation Guide, Buying a New Boiler

If it is time to throw out the old and bring in the new, the investment of a new boiler has many more benefits than one would immediately assume. The efficiency of new boilers as compared to old boilers (even just 5 years back) is increasing constantly. Almost any new condensing boiler can run at 90% efficiency where old boiler may, if you are lucky run at about 70%. New boilers also have a low carbon footprint and have little environmental impact.

So in getting a new boiler installed you have many benefits including,

  • Replacing an old inefficient boiler with a modern high efficiency boiler will cut your fuel bills
  • On demand hot water (Combination boilers)
  • Possible space saving benefits within the home
  • A warmer more comfortable home
  • With new systems there is a larger choice of radiators styles available to suite all types of property
  • Due to the design of many modern radiators you can install a smaller radiator in an existing position and get the same or sometimes more heat output from the new radiator
  • New boilers are quieter in their operation due to the design and modern materials used
  • More options of where in your property a new boiler can be installed


Obtaining your boiler

There are three main routes to consider to obtain your new boiler, these are:
Directly from the boiler manufacturer – With Speedy Gas this is no cheaper as we only charge for the boiler installation. Additionally, if you are unsure of what you need in a new boiler it may not be the wisest choice as you should consult with a boiler fitter / heating engineer on the matter.

From a business specialising in central heating boilers – Also a cheaper choice, and, depending on the company, they may be able to offer you more advice on the boiler you need.

Through a company specialising in the installation of boilers – The is the recommended choice, as you will have trained professionals that can help you choose exactly which boiler you need and guide you through all the options. It is recommended as you can ensure you get exactly what you need.

Methods of Installation

Depending on where you purchased your boiler, you will need to hire a trained professional to install your boiler correctly. If you bought your boiler directly from the manufacturer or from a business, you will most likely have to track down an engineer yourself, but if you have chosen to buy through a company that also installs, they may cover installation in the price of the boiler, or provide you with a trusted engineer that has installed the type of boiler you have purchased for an extra fee.

When choosing your engineer to install your boiler in your home, it is very important that you make sure he is completely qualified as well as experienced in the boiler that you have purchased. All engineers must be Gas Safe registered, and having your boiler name, brand or number on hand to enquire the engineers experience in installing it is a good idea.

Some companies like Speedy Gas London, will also provide ongoing boiler service, whilst many don’t, so it is a good idea to check beforehand whether the company you choose can offer this boiler maintenance service.

Choosing your installer

If you are going through the phone book, Yellow pages, or other advertising, check the name of the heating engineer on-line for any negative reviews. Always ring around to get the best quote you can, and don’t be afraid to say no to a determined salesman on the phone – although usually most engineers will install at the same or similar prices, there are some that may be a little higher, so it’s definitely worth shopping around for the best deal.

Our Boiler Prices

Speedy Gas London is small company with several highly experience heating engineers. We are not bound by our prices and are more than happy to hear from you if you want a competitive quote on a new boiler and installation. We want it to work for you, and for you to be satisfied with what you have.

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